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Your Go-To Guide: Dividends

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As a company director of a profitable limited company, you will want to strike a balance in investing profit back into your business and taking funds out for personal use, all the while ensuring you do so in a tax efficient manner that works for you. You have two options to extract profit from your business [...]

5 Key Tax Saving Tips for Your Small Business

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Every penny counts when starting off in business, with cash flow management essential for small and medium sized businesses, including looking for ways to reduce your tax liability where possible. The government have many tax reliefs in place for businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to global organisations.  In this article we look at [...]

Why should I use QuickBooks for my business?

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The benefits of using a cloud accounting software package for your business, such as QuickBooks, are all centred around keeping a view of your business finances in real-time. Having a view of your cash flow at all times is vital to ensuring important and informed decisions can be made at the vital time for your [...]