Keep updated on Brexit news

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With the delay in the Brexit departure date to April or May depending on how the next week in Parliament plays out, businesses are still plagued with uncertainty and as it stands, there are still three possible outcomes from the negotiations with the EU: a delayed Brexit by extending Article 50, a no-deal Brexit or [...]

Hammond’s Spring Statement – Four Key Issues

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Mr Hammond has certainly been applauded in most quarters for his one Budget a year plan and subsequent less fiddling with the tax system, and the Spring Budget tomorrow is expected to be a brief affair, with only a few expected consultations on tax reforms. Indeed, Hammond has already advised that he “won’t be making tax or spending [...]

How would a Labour Government Affect You and Your Business?

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Jeremy Corbyn is favourite to become the UK’s Prime Minister at the next general election.  High net worth individuals and small and medium enterprises should now seriously start to position themselves for the possibility of a Labour government in 2018 or 19 with higher taxation on the cards. With Labour’s unexpected retaliation at the snap [...]