Limited Companies: The Top Ten Expenses you should be claiming now

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As a director of a limited company, you will likely be well versed in the basics of business allowable expenses; that is, you can only claim expenses which are "wholly and exclusively" related to your limited company activities. But are you really making the most of the tax reliefs available to you? As a start [...]

Why should I use QuickBooks for my business?

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The benefits of using a cloud accounting software package for your business, such as QuickBooks, are all centred around keeping a view of your business finances in real-time. Having a view of your cash flow at all times is vital to ensuring important and informed decisions can be made at the vital time for your [...]

Choose life. Choose a career. Choose the Cloud

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Who says you can't have it all? You bank online, you shop and socialise online, so why not work seamlessly and efficiently, at your own pace, anytime, online? Here are just a few of the many good reasons why you should be managing your business affairs on a cloud accounting platform. Living in the present, [...]