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Understanding Capital Allowances for Self Employed and Limited Companies

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Capital allowances are benefits to a business to help reduce your tax bill when you buy assets for your business, while most assets can be considered from equipment and research costs to expenses for building renovations.   Buildings themselves purchased for business use do not qualify for the allowance, but there are some components which may [...]

Business Expenses that are NOT Tax Deductible

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When compiling your end of year expenses, or even when you are contemplating business expenditure ready to report at year-end to HMRC in the hope of reducing your tax bill, you will likely be familiar with the expenses you are allowed to deduct related to your business activities.  But are you familiar with the business [...]

Limited Companies: The Top Ten Expenses you should be claiming now

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As a director of a limited company, you will likely be well versed in the basics of business allowable expenses; that is, you can only claim expenses which are "wholly and exclusively" related to your limited company activities. But are you really making the most of the tax reliefs available to you? As a start [...]