29 01, 2020

Transition period begins this Friday

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This Friday, 31st January, is a mommentus one.  It is not only the last day to submit your tax return but it is also the day we leave the EU and the transition period of Brexit begins.   It may be an anti-climax after such a long run-up since the 2016 referendum and perhaps even more so now that it is looking very unlikely Big Ben will chime for Brexit, with [...]

24 01, 2020

Q&A Friday! “Do I have to declare income if I sell my personal goods online?”

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It's a new year and i'm having a clearout and selling my personal things at car boot sales and online via gumtree.  I am also self-employed and complete a tax return, do I need to declare the income I receive from the sale of my personal goods on my return and be taxed for it? The question you need to ask yourself is this: Is this additional income regular trading [...]

21 01, 2020

Am I obliged to file a tax return if I am a Director?

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Not all Directors have to complete a tax return Before July 2017, all directors of limited companies had an obligation to file tax returns.  Since then, HMRC has made changes to its guidance on the requirement to file tax returns by directors as a result of the outcome of a tribunal in 2017 with Mohammed Salem Kadhem vs HMRC.  The conclusion being that HMRC guidance published on their website is [...]

7 01, 2020

We love tax! Honest…!

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What's the difference between me and you? According to HMRC, 2% of people who filed their tax return last year claimed for underwear! Here at Mirandus, we wouldn't make that mistake, honest! As a Chartered Tax Advisory practice we live, breathe and keep up-to-date on all UK tax law, and what's more, we use our tax expertise, business experience and technology to help our small business clients thrive and grow.  [...]

1 01, 2020

Happy New Year from Mirandus!

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Team Mirandus wishes you a prosperous and peaceful 202o! This is a good time of year to detox after the excessives of Christmas and New Year celebrations but also a great opportunity to detox your finances too, both personally and in your business. Are you happy with your finances? And if not, what positive changes can you make in 2020? Whether you want to achieve growth in your small business, [...]

17 12, 2019

Small Business Essential Calendar 2020

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Another year is almost over and hopefully some R&R in store for all small business owners but also a chance to get organised for 2020 and hit the ground running in January.  To save you time, we have provided the small business essential accounting and tax calendar for 2020, an early Christmas present from Team Mirandus - you're most welcome! Some of the dates may change year-to-year but the deadlines [...]

19 11, 2019

Can I claim entertainment as a business expense on my tax return?

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Business entertaining when you are self-employed or a small business could very well be a major part of your business development, helping to establish and grow your business relationships to help your small business grow and thrive.  Claiming tax relief on your entertainment is a complex and grey area, read on to find out more. […]

29 10, 2019

Your Go-To-Guide: Payment on Account for the Self-Employed and Sole Trader

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If you have to complete a Self Assessment tax return as a self-employed individual or sole trader, the deadline for the online submission of your tax return for the previous tax year is 31 January, and this is also the date you are required to pay any tax due. On 31 January, you may also be required to pay  some tax in advance for the current tax, known as 'payment [...]