If you are a business owner and are keen to reward your employees with bonuses, but would rather not have tax on bonuses, you do have the option to set up an Employee-Ownership Trust (EOT) which allows founding shareholders or owners of the company to give shares to employees tax efficiently as well as gift employees a tax-free bonus to a certain level per annum which is not subject to income tax (but does incur National Insurance Contributions charges).  Another option is the EMI share option scheme, which we will discuss further in a later article.

A key issue faced by founder shareholders of a profitable and growing company, no matter the size of their businesses, is the tax consequences when sharing the success of their business with their employees.

Whilst there are tax reliefs available to business owners which enable the transfer of shares in a trading company to be made without incurring a liability to capital gains tax, the amount which business owners can receive for the transfer is limited.

Under an EOT structure, there are two valuable tax reliefs available which would allow founding shareholders and employees enjoy the fruits of their hard work with very little tax implications.

Share giving with no capital gains tax to employees

Firstly, The EOT structure means that the EOT owns the company, and employees receiving shares become beneficiaries of the EOT, alongside the founding shareholder(s) or owner(s) of the company.  When a founding shareholder gives shares to an employee via the EOT structure, the employee will receive the proceeds of the qualifying sale up to the market value of the shares, without giving rise to a tax charge.  The employee is therefore experiencing no capital gains tax charges.

Secondly, a founding shareholder can make payments to employees of up to £3,600 per annum which are free of income tax (but not national insurance contributions) and therefore alleviating tax on bonuses.

EOT structure, am I eligible?

To qualify for EOT status, a number of conditions must be met, including the requirement that all employees who participate do so on equal terms.

The other requirements include:

  • The trading company must be fully owned by the EOT
  • The EOT must operate for the benefit of all employees (other than certain excluded “participators”).
  • The trust must have a controlling interest in the trading company

How Mirandus can help

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