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The UK has a special tax regime which applies to individuals who are not domiciled in the UK. Under this regime, a taxpayer can opt to be taxed on the “arising basis”, declaring worldwide income, or on the “remittance basis” whereby only foreign income brought into the UK is taxed in the UK, subject to very specific and complex rules.

We can provide an analysis of your circumstances, walk you through the different options and advise you on the most tax effective route to take. Planning the correct approach to your non-domiciled UK tax position can create significant tax savings whilst ensuring that you remain compliant with the UK tax system. In addition to advising you on the overall approach to your UK tax affairs, we can assist with all UK tax compliance procedures, such as the preparation of your UK tax return.

Non-UK Tax Resident letting UK Residential Properties

UK tax legislation requires anyone in the UK who pays rent to, or collects rent for a non-UK resident landlord, to deduct basic rate Income Tax (currently 20%) from the gross rent, unless HMRC have previously instructed the tenants or agent not to do so.

The situation for many can be confusing and difficult to understand. We’re here to help take the stress away by providing advice and managing the process for you.

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