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We take a personal approach to your tax needs. When you come to us for tax planning advice, we will assess your financial position and assets with a view to making sure you pay the right amount of tax. A proactive approach to tax is key and one we adopt at Mirandus, as retrospective tax changes are not possible.

Informed by our detailed knowledge of your affairs, we explore the best options to help manage your tax obligations most effectively.


The UK tax system offers many different tax reliefs and allowances for individuals and businesses to encourage behaviours that benefit the economy, from tax incentives to invest in start-up businesses to tax reliefs on passing assets down to future generations.

At Mirandus, we are aware of the latest rules and requirements across all UK tax matters and can support you and your business on a wide range of tax matters.

Our expertise include, but are not limited to, the below tax planning services:


If you are looking to recruit new employees or incentivise and retain existing staff, an employee share scheme can be a tax efficient and cost-effective option as part of an employees’ renumeration package.  Many UK companies use employee share schemes, the most common for small and medium sized businesses being Enterprise Management Schemes (EMI), which offer significant tax incentives, and which are incredibly flexible.  Mirandus can provide expertise to help you choose the right EMI share option scheme for your business and provide ongoing support and advice on running the scheme.


With property ownership in the UK widespread, property tax can affect a wide range of individuals and businesses.  Property tax in the UK is complex and constantly changing, which means effective property tax planning is paramount, whether you’re a property investor, a business that develops or manages properties, or an individual looking to buy, sell, occupy or develop a property.  Mirandus can support individuals and businesses to save on property tax via capital allowances and stamp duty relief, as well as provide property inheritance tax and non-domicile property tax advice.


Many believe Inheritance Tax or IHT is a tax on death but an individual can also be affected by IHT taxes in their lifetime.   IHT can be a big burden for many people, not just those with large estates. Without the right planning, you could pass on just 60% of your wealth to your loved ones.  Mirandus can support you in your IHT planning, providing advice and solutions to match your needs.  We can help to significantly reduce or eliminate your IHT liability, so you can pass on more of your wealth to future generations.


We can provide professional advice on your tax matters in the UK and worldwide.  If you are resident in more than one country or conduct business abroad, Mirandus can help you meet your tax obligations both at home and overseas, and help manage your tax risk and support your tax compliance needs,  giving you peace of mind you are meeting your worldwide tax obligations, in the most tax efficient manner.


Foreign domiciled UK residents have access to some very beneficial tax rules but those benefits come with complexity.   Mirandus can advise those who are yet to come to the UK, are already here or those who have left to ensure that they make the most of the tax reliefs available to them.  We can also help with ongoing tax compliance and related tax planning for those who live outside the UK but who own UK real estate, including non-UK companies.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly popular way to transact and invest and we have seen a steady rise in value of these types of currencies in the last five years.  Despite this, the understanding of how cryptocurrencies work and the tax implications are not altogether clear and as a result, there is a lot of misinformation out there which can be confusing.  As tax specialists, Mirandus are able to advise clearly and accurately on the tax implications of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and ensure that all disclosures are made precisely and promptly to HMRC and so providing peace of mind and the assurance that you are complying fully with the law.

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