What’s the difference between me and you?

According to HMRC, 2% of people who filed their tax return last year claimed for underwear! Here at Mirandus, we wouldn’t make that mistake, honest!

As a Chartered Tax Advisory practice we live, breathe and keep up-to-date on all UK tax law, and what’s more, we use our tax expertise, business experience and technology to help our small business clients thrive and grow.  According to the same research by HMRC, small businesses are not making the most of even the basic tax reliefs available to them such as pension and charitable contributions, staff training costs, just to name but a few.

We understand how important cash flow is to small businesses.  We understand, because we are a small business ourselves.  Here at Mirandus, we explain things clearly, stay close to you and your business, work hard to build a long lasting and rewarding relationship with you, no matter your size, industry or sector.

Small business is our business.

So you see, there’s not much difference between me and you, except perhaps our love of tax!

Why not get in touch to see how we can help make your 2020 a successful and prosperous one, we are here to help!